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Ca' del Brado (IT)


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Style: Italian Grape Ale
ABV: 7.9%
Size: 375ml
Format: Bottle

Barrel-aged wild Italian Grape Ale spontaneously fermented with 20% Tokaj grapes of Kmetija Stekar, a natural winemaker from Collio - Slovenia, and created to celebrate the tenth anniversary of Lortica (a pub and wine bar in Bologna).

Barrel-aged for one year with Brettanomyces Bruxellensis yeast and skin contact on the grapes.

The result is a golden grape ale with orange tones and light gray reflections, with floral and yellow fruit notes, characterized by a fresh mineral soul and a hint of tannin.

The soul of Tocai is recognizable in the glass and elegantly interpenetrates with the structure and acidity of the beer, enriching its aromatic-taste bouquet. The drink is also characterized by funky nuances (cellar, blue-veined pungency) and by a certain complexity given by the wood.

Evolving product suitable for aging.

In analogy with Ca' del Brado's other Italian Grape Ales, the name of this beer begins with the letter Û, meaning grape in Bolognese, while orange symbolizes a peculiar oenological direction: the long macerations on white grapes, which in the world of wine give life to the so-called orange wines.

In particular, the Stekar grape used - after having harvested it together in the splendid hills just across the border, near Gorizia - is Tocai (Tokaj); a blend historically linked to the territory and which in Slovenian finds its identification by reversing the word: Tokaj – Jakot .

This particular "mirror" nomenclature was deposited by Stanko Radikon of Oslavia, in the province of Gorizia, in 2003.

The idea for this project was born in synergy with Lortica through the common passion for the Slovenian Collio area, known for its oenological excellence under the banner of natural wine and precisely for the "atypical" prolonged macerations on white grapes.

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