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Dupont (BE)


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Style: Belgian Saison
ABV: 6.5%
Size: 330ml
Format: Bottle

The legendary Saison Dupont has been brewed at the Belgian farm-brewery since 1844, and is celebrated (and imitated!) around the world. The dry-hopped version was first brewed in 2010.

The base saison is a complex beer, marked by fragrances of grapefruit and spice (cloves). These aromas are also present on the palate, where they combine with hints of malt. There is a clear bitterness, rounded off with a delicious flavour without any sweetness.

Dupont then dry-hops with aromatic Styrian Wolf hops to impart the aroma of the hops into the beer and to enhance its sunny, refreshing character. 

The dry hopping process allows the beer to develop hints of citrus (grapefruit), as well as flowers and exotic fruits (mango and lychee).

On the palate, spicy aromas (clove) rub shoulders with malt against a backdrop of an intense, long-lasting bitterness.

Best served at cellar temperature (12°C) or slightly chilled. Saison Dry Hopping is perfect for barbecues with friends, as an aperitif and to accompany spicy grills.

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