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Stu Mostow (PL)


27.64€ / L

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Style: Pastry Imperial Stout
ABV: 9.5%
Size: 330ml
Format: Bottle

An imperial pastry stout with a fantastic-looking purple foam, packed with blueberries, blackberries, chocolate, maple syrup and lactose.

The carefully selected malt base includes caramel, chocolate and roasted malts for a deep flavour profile. The addition of fruit makes it sweet, light and easy to drink, despite its intensity.

The aroma of chocolate and maple syrup blends perfectly with the fruity finish, creating a complex palette of sensations.

Every sip is like a sip of luxury that remains in the memory for a long time. It invites you to discover the secrets of taste, where the combination of darkness and lightness creates an unforgettable experience.

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12053 Berlin

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