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De La Senne (BE) & Cantillon (BE)


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Style: Saison
ABV: 6.0%
Size: 330ml
Format: Bottle

Mixed-fermentation saison inspired by the traditional saisons of the 19th century. Blended with old lambic from Cantillon and further aged in oak barrels for three years before bottling.

An extremely complex but at the same time very refreshing beer. It is both bitter and aromatic thanks to particularly generous hopping, while at the same time developing a vinous and tangy character thanks to the lambic. It somehow resembles a hoppy gueuze with a distinct bitterness. Indeed, traditional saisons were generously hopped for the well-known keeping properties of hops. Also, they were often dry-hopped, as is the case here.

Amber in color, its nose reminds one of lambic, with notes of fallen apples, wood, leather, and the typical funky character of the Brett yeasts. In the mouth, a soft tartness is present, quickly leading to dryness. The aromas of the nose are completed by those of spelt and rye, quince, green gooseberries and a complex vinous character. The finish is bitter but perfectly in balance.

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