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Sierra Nevada (US)


10.76€ / L

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Style: Alcohol-Free Beer
ABV: <0.5%
Size: 330ml
Format: Can

Non-alcoholic IPA hopped with Amarillo, Bravo, Cascade, CTZ & Magnum.

Grab a Trail Pass and start a non-stop adventure with miles of flavour. Explore the hoppy notes of citrus and pine from Amarillo® and CTZ varieties in non-alcoholic Trail Pass IPA.

The silky malt body and clean hop bitterness are just what you’d expect from a world-class Sierra Nevada IPA, yet it’s less than 0.5% ABV.

“It meets all of our criteria for what we would consider a craft IPA—not necessarily even a craft non-alcoholic IPA, but a craft IPA,” says James Conery, Sierra Nevada's Innovation Brewmaster.

Flughafenstr. 49
12053 Berlin

MON / FRI: 17:00 - LATE
SAT / SUN: 15:00 - LATE