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3 Fonteinen (BE)


30.72€ / L

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Style: Fruited Lambic
ABV: 6.8%
Size: 375ml
Format: Bottle
Packaged on: 10.02.2022

For this specific Oude Kriek, 3 Fonteinen macerated sour cherries for more than nine months in stainless steel. They used both two- and three-year old lambics for both macerating and blending, originating from four different barrels and ten different brews.

The weighted average age is almost 26 months, and the final fruit intensity clocks in at 319 grams of sour cherries per litre of Kriek.

3 Fonteinen Oude Kriek is the result of a slow and all-natural maceration of whole sour cherries on traditional lambic. No addition of juices, syrups or artificial sweeteners. Unfiltered. Unpasteurised.

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12053 Berlin

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