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Bofkont (BE) & Wings (BE)


57.23€ / L

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Style: Lambic
ABV: 6.0%
Size: 750ml
Format: Bottle

A collaboration between Steven from Wings and Sam from Bofkont.

The saison was created by Steven and was brewed in 2021. It came out under the name Down Under in a small batch, and the rest was taken to the cellar.

The saison was aged on a wine barrel for 9 months, later shortly on a maple syrup barrel. They blended this beer then with a selected Bofkont barrel. Finally it's ready to come out... Meet the barrel-aged saison blended with lambic. 

This beer is only available to drink at the bar.

Flughafenstr. 49
12053 Berlin

MON / FRI: 17:00 - LATE
SAT / SUN: 15:00 - LATE