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The Rare Barrel (US)


46.45€ / L

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Style: Barrel-Aged Fruit Sour
ABV: 7.4%
Size: 375ml
Format: Bottle

A golden sour ale aged in oak barrels with Alphonso mangoes.

"We can't even comprehend the amount of mango that was packed into this golden sour beer. More mango will remind you of a relaxation smoothie with a kick of acidity to keep things exciting.

This beer exhibits notes of mango with hints of even more mango that pair well with the tropical beach aromas of mango. We hope you love mango as much as we do!"

Flughafenstr. 49
12053 Berlin

MON / FRI: 17:00 - LATE
SAT / SUN: 15:00 - LATE