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Zichovec (CZ)


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Style: Cold IPA
ABV: 7.0%
Size: 500ml
Format: Can
Packaged on: 02.02.2023

This Cold IPA combines rich cold-hopping with modern hops, pleasant bitterness and a light, highly fermented body, achieved as a result of adding rice and fermenting with lager yeast at higher temperatures.

Hopped with a combination of Sládek, Cryo Pop, Citra, El Dorado and Simcoe Cryo hops. 


The Cold IPA style first appeared between 2017 and 2018 in the United States, where brewer Kevin Davey of Wayfinder Brewery aimed to create his own modified version of the modern IPA.

The most fundamental change was made in the grist, taking inspiration from Mexican lagers and substituting part of the malt base with corn and rice, which increased both the amount of protein and simple sugars, making the beer fuller, but very dry.

The hopping was practically identical to that of modern Hazy IPAs – it combined a pleasant, noticeable bitterness with an intense aroma from the dry hop. Finally, he used bottom-fermenting lager yeast at atypical temperatures, which are warmer than typical bottom fermentation, but colder than top fermentation.

The beer thus fermented deeply and acquired a very pure fermentation character, which allowed the chosen hops to really shine through.  

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