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Track (UK)


20.57€ / L

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Style: DIPA
ABV: 8.0%
Size: 440ml
Format: Can
Packaged on: 14.09.2022

This juicy Double IPA is another foray into the fun world of thiols and their flavour contributions.

Using a base of pilsner, oats and wheat for a pillowy mouth feel, Track also added hops to the mash to introduce more bound thiols (little bags of potential flavour).

The fermentation was carried out by a yeast which can biochemically open up these little bags of flavour and bring more intensity to the beer.

Coupled with a dry hop of Citra T90, Citra Spectrum and Citra Incognito (a hop high in bound thiols) you've got a silky smooth beer packed with beautiful flavours of orange, mango, coconut cream and Kaffir lime leaf.

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12053 Berlin

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